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Web site and contents by Lloyd Garrick

the   Ultimate   Fractal   Video   Project   !

Official home page of the Mandelbrot Universe Zoom Animations!
Web Site by Lloyd Garrick. Psychedelic Fractal Animations.

All these videos were created with Fractint
using my home-coded Animation Utilities
And you can preview many of them on

fractal animations

fractint animations fractint zooms

The original "Katrina on Acid" viddie,
redone and expanded!

A Psychedelic Hurricane,
based on the 8th-Order Julia Set.

WMV 640x480  142 sec.  41 MEG ♦♦♦♦

AVI 1024x768  142 sec.  999 MEG ♦♦♦♦

Spawn of the Cyclone!
The Parent Fractal for the above viddie,
that from which The Cyclone spawned!  

A full view of the 8th-Order Julia Set.

WMV 640x480  142 sec.  41 MEG ♦♦♦♦

AVI 1024x768  142 sec.  716 MEG ♦♦♦♦

Waltz Of The Pixels
A slow melodic pixel dance

Another "cyclone" type viddie
Awesome with a wall projector

WMV 640x480 3 min 24 sec. 48 MEG ♦♦♦

AVI 1024x768 3 min 24 sec. 765 MEG ♦♦♦

fractal zooms

Eye Of Hell
A somewhat Gothic looking zoom into the
2nd order Julia set,
for all you "Outer Limits" fans ......

AVI 1400x1050 52 sec. 738 MEG ♦♦♦

AVI 800x600 52 sec. 265 MEG ♦♦♦

mandelbrot animations

Mandelbrot zoom to E+58
where we find
Jim Muth's FOTD
for Sep 05, 2003

AVI   800x600
2 min. 15 sec.
74 MEG ♦♦

Mandelbrot zoom to E+27
A journey into
East (elephant) valley

AVI   640x480
1 min. 16 sec.
85 MEG ♦♦♦

Mandelbrot zoom to E+24
Ascent up into
the North peak

AVI   800x600
1 min. 14 sec.
61 MEG ♦♦♦

Complex Mandelbrot zoom.    
In2 The Aether

AVI   1024x768
1 min. 27 sec.
466 MEG ♦♦♦

Space Warp !
Here the Mandelbrot parameters are inverted along the X [Real] axis
during the ZooM-In; this creates a cool inversion effect which turns
the fractal inside-out and reversed as it backs out and returns.

WMV   1280x720  69 sec.   45 MEG ♦♦

WMV   640x480   69 sec.   20 MEG ♦♦

AVI   1400x1050  70 sec.   615 MEG ♦♦♦

Wormhole !
To achieve the wormhole effect, the REAL (x-axis) and the IMAGINARY (y-axis)
coordinates are inverted simultaneously.
Similar to the space-warp, yet ... different.

AVI   1024x768  1 min 41 sec.   469 MEG ♦♦

Wormhole#2 !
Another one.......

AVI   1400x1050  1 min 12 sec.   468 MEG ♦♦

Mission to Mars
You're a rich space tourist on a mission to Mars.
You approach the red planet from deep space, descend into orbit,
then make planetfall into one of the large canyons known to exist there.
You rocket above and over the surface looking for a smooth place
to land among the sand dunes and mountains

...... And you wish you had hired a better pilot ......

AVI   1024x768   73 sec.   65 MEG ♦♦

Star-Warp !
You are travelling in your starship to investigate an unexplored region
of the galaxy when a star suddenly goes supernova dead ahead.

As it collapses back in on itself, a tear is created in the space-time fabric
and you get sucked into the dimensional gate !

WMV   640x480   121 sec.   34 MEG ♦♦♦♦

AVI   1024x768   121 sec.   434 MEG ♦♦♦♦   [ Hi-Rez Version ! ]

Derived from { very } complex fractal formulas by Albrecht Niekamp.
The detail and complexity in these is amazing!

Lamp Of Ages

AVI   1024x768   95 sec.   468 MEG ♦♦♦♦

Pearly Gates

AVI   1024x768   102 sec.   396 MEG ♦♦♦♦

the Time Tunnel

AVI   800x600   72 sec.   280 MEG ♦♦♦

Kandie Lande

AVI   1024x768   95 sec.   386 MEG ♦♦♦

mandelbrot movies mandelbrot dives fractal dives

Home page of the Mandelbrot Universe Fractal Videos and A Mandelbrot the size of the known universe and larger
The "Universe" viddies are so named because at a zoom depth of E+26 -> E+27, the original Mandelbrot is expanded to approximately the size of the known observable universe, 10-20 billion lightyears.

These take months to render on as many as 4 systems, all running 24/7; a couple took well over a year. They are made without frame interpolation, shortcuts, tricks or cheating, like so many others "out there" now are. Every frame is individually rendered with FRACTINT in DOS using hi-end Pentium-3 systems.

Universe #1 and #2 are not posted; they were early efforts and not so good. Universe #6 (posted on page 2) dives all the way to E+112 !

Universe #3
Mandelbrot ZooM to E+89
The 3rd "Universe" viddie
3 min 40 sec. run time

AVI  640x480   213 MEG ♦♦♦♦

Universe #4
This is the original "Universe" viddie
to E+26. Refined and updated.

AVI  1024x768  1 min 31 sec
99 MEG ♦♦♦

Universe #5
Mandelbrot ZooM into upper Seahorse Valley
arriving at a tiny mini-brot at E+38

AVI  1024x768  1 min 18 sec
275 MEG ♦♦

Universe #X
Inspired by an ancient Jochen Weber
fractal image, this Mandelbrot dive
to E+27 gives a nice illustration of
the "period doubling" phenomenon
characteristic of fractals and chaotic systems

AVI  800x600  90 sec.  139 MEG ♦♦

Mandelbrot Dive to E+40
Descent into The Canyon
of the Mandelbrot

Sequence and coordinates
inspired by Michael Condron

AVI  640x480  3 min 19 sec
248 MEG ♦♦♦

...... where no man
has gone before ......
I guarantee you have never seen this part of the Mandelbrot before - the center point between the 2 main bulbs. Nobody goes there. Images take days to generate, iteration count is too high (2,100,000,000 in this case). Even this short sequence took 4 months on 4 hi-end P3 systems!

This area has long intrigued me; it is very difficult to get there:
( REAL = -0.75000003190208660 , IMAG = +0.00022826353530089 )

Even FRACTINT could not distinguish the lakes from the canyon any further down than this (even at maximum iterations!) - and no other fractal program can come close. If you view it full size on a normal computer monitor, at the midpoint stop the original Mandelbrot is approximately the size of the Earth, the canyon walls are exactly as you see them, and you are  0.35  miles from the center of the Earth.

AVI   640x480   45 sec.   23 MEG ♦♦


AVI   640x480   2 min 44 sec.   424 MEG ♦♦♦

CHAOS. A unique animation - complex Mandelbrot.

AVI   1024x768   892 MEG ♦♦♦
2 minute 44 seconds

<--- AnimaćionZ of Jim Muth's
Tessellation formula

AVI  800x600  42 sec.  56 MEG ♦♦


I dunno, can't tell if it's comin' or goin' !

loox weird like you zooming in and out
at the same time

AVI  640x480  67 sec.  81 MEG ♦♦

fractint videos mandelbrot dive fractal dive
mandelbrot zooms mandelbrot dives fractal dives

animated fractals and fractal zoom movies, mandelbrot videos

Varies the Mandelbrot
exponent from -7 to +7
over 1400 frames:

AVI   1024x768
94 sec. 38 MEG

Did you miss the Aug 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse?
I saw it in Glendo, WY.       AWESOME !!!!!!!

But if you missed it, you can see the Fractal version here !

A Mandelbrot with exponent set to 21 and parameter tweax.

Like all of these, created in pure, uncut DOS with FractInt,
and animated with BASIC.

AVI   1600x1200
68 sec. 104 MEG ♦♦♦♦    

This is another Eclipse like above, but with reversed parameters.
Looks more like what I saw in Glendo, looks  a lot  like it actually.

AVI   1600x1200
68 sec. 94 MEG ♦♦♦♦

Fractals are a subset graphical representation of Chaos Theory, which is now usually called Complex Systems Theory, or Nonlinear Dynamics. In addition to trees and plants, seashells, and a host of other natural phenomenon, even an eclipse like above, they can also emulate just about anything if you do the math right, for example, a nuclear explosion or a meteor burning up in the atmosphere.

Mandelbrot Meteor
(Slo-Mo perspective
from your Starship

AVI   1600x1200
48 sec. 18 MEG

Fractal Nuke

Fractal Weapon of
Mass Destruction

AVI   1024x768
47 sec. 23 MEG ♦♦♦

fractal videos

Cathedral Of Chaos
Fly across a fractal lake and enter the
Cathedral Of Chaos.

Lake-animation zoom. Fractint formula by
Lee Skinner, Sylvie Gallet, & Jim Muth.
A custom BASIC script animates it.

AVI   1024x768   40 sec.   108 MEG ♦♦

fractal zoom animations

Another strange formula only
fractint can do, parameters
by Jim Muth and Lee Skinner

AVI  640x480  40 sec.  49 MEG ♦♦

AVI  1024x768
49 sec.  76 MEG
<----------   Two   Make-You-Dizzy   Zooms   ---------->
AVI  1024x768
65 sec.  146 MEG

A demonstration of the

Incredible Mandelbrot Directed Energy Weapon !

AVI   1600x1200   30 sec.   5.9 MEG ♦♦

fractal movies

Color Cycling Animation

The Storm

AVI   1024x768   34 sec.   57 MEG

An alien seed pod sprouts and grows and psychedelic morphs into

a Fire-Baboon face staring back at you !

Embryo:     WMV   640x480   69 sec.   20 MEG ♦♦♦♦

Embryo:     AVI   1024x768   69 sec.   410 MEG ♦♦♦♦

The Prophet
Journey thru a deep dark fractal tunnel to see The Prophet.

AVI   1024x768
60 sec. 285 MEG ♦♦

The UFVP was conceived August 2001 in Collegeville, PA.
It now lives in Arvada, CO.