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The best and most unique Fractal animations in CyberSpace !

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... stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God ...

Job 37:14

psychedelic fractal animations

Unique animations derived from Fractint formulas provided by Russ Walsmith :

Total Madness !
Bizarre.  'Nuff said.

AVI   1024x768
1 min 39 sec.
182 MEG

A strange pixel dance

AVI   1024x768
2 min 11 sec.
97 MEG

Remember the '60's ?
Niether do I.

AVI   1024x768
3 min 23 sec.
404 MEG

Just cruisin' ...

WMV   640x480
3 min 07 sec.
32.6 MEG

Psychotic Sunset
Trippin' Sky

WMV   640x480
55 sec.
9.8 MEG

Rainbows and
Crop Circles

WMV   640x480
32 sec.
5.9 MEG

Immortal Mandelbrot
A Mandelbrot frozen stone cold solid
in space time while a psychedelic
blizzard rages around it

WMV  640x480  134 sec.  34 MEG ♦♦♦

AVI  640x480  134 sec.  215 MEG ♦♦♦

This is an extended 7 minute version of
The Immortal - project it up on
a wall at a party, club, rave, etc. :

WMV 640x480  7 min 13 sec.  125 MEG ♦♦♦♦

AVI 640x480  7 min 13 sec.  754 MEG ♦♦♦♦

A silver and gold metallic 3D techno-morph spinning
and twisting with rainbow streaks.
Can you discern the distorted 3D Mandelbrot in the center?
This illustrates Fractint's formula parser and
3D rendering capability.

AVI  1024x768  4 min 30 sec.  311 MEG ♦♦♦♦

New! 10/01/2016

A 3D Mandel(WTF) spinning in
a sea of 3D subatomic chaos
"Quark Soup"

AVI  1024x768  60 sec.  108 MEG ♦♦

Burning Ships
This is the now famous "burning ship" fractal which is derived by a very small change to the classic Mandelbrot formula, which is:

Mandelbrot (xaxis) { ;
z = 0, c = pixel:
z = z*z + c
|z| < 4

To make the burning ship, simply use the absolute values of the REAL and IMAG components:

Burning Ship { ;
z = 0, c = pixel:
z = (abs(z))^2+ c
|z| < 4

AVI   1024x768   437 MEG   (High Resolution) ♦♦♦
2 minutes 33 seconds

New! 6/4/13 

Journey to the Black Hole
A bizarre fractint formula leading
down one of the infinite number of
infinite fractal tunnels passing thru
a sequence of increasing polygons
on the way.

AVI   1024x768   454 MEG ♦♦♦
1 minute 55 seconds

New! 4/14/13 

Evolution of the Mandelbrot Set
The normal {classic} Mandelbrot uses an exponent of  2 , and the
formula can be written thus:

Mandelbrot (xaxis) { ;
z = 0, c = pixel:
z = z^2 + c
|z| < 4

In this viddie, that exponent is varied from  0  to  8 , and we
see the Mandelbrot evolve from a seed to a creature with multiple
(7 in this case) heads.

AVI    1400x1050    205 MEG ♦♦♦

New! Feb 2015 

Another complex FractInt fractal formula.
Loox kinda like a Mandelbrot, but it isn't
quite....from the Jim Muth FOTD archives.

AVI   1024x768   374 MEG ♦♦♦
1 minute 22 seconds

New! 8/26/13 

This is from a formula by Mike Frazier which combines 3 complex Mandelbrots in a format similar to the parallel resistance formula from electronics:

z=0, c1=pixel-p1, c2=pixel+p1, c3=pixel:

AVI   640x480   407 MEG ♦♦♦
1 minute 47 seconds

New! 5/1/13 

Descend thru Titan's orange atmosphere
enter a crevice into the orange hydrocarbon seas
and see strange creatures

WMV   640x480   46 sec.   7.8 MEG

String Theory
Another one of those eXo†ic fractal formulas
only Fractint can do, this one by
Paul N. Lee.

WMV   640x480   41 sec.   6.7 MEG

Aurora Fractalis
A nice Aurora Borealis display
fractint style !

AVI   1024x768   52 sec.  
55 MEG

Chaos Creation
...fron the Big Bang
to the Garden of Eden...

AVI   1024x768   30 sec.  
47 MEG

Travel thru the 4th fractal dimension as a
Mandelbrot morphs into a Julia, then back again upside down.
Derived from a Jim Muth fractint formula.

Try this with ultrafractal or fractal extreme!

AVI   1024x768   38 sec.   32 MEG

3D Julia Squares
Julia type fractal with exponent 2.003
creates a unique 3D maze type object
zoom in to E+13 and check it out

AVI   800x600  87 sec.  166 MEG ♦♦

Tohu Va-Vohu
ZooM in to an unusual and very complex fractal
The type you see only with DOS and Fractint
For hardcore Fractalnauts only

WMV   640x480   88 sec.  19.9 MEG ♦♦

Darkness Descends
ZooM in to a tweaked Mandelbrot
... a bit strange ...   [ dead-freaky actually ]

AVI   640x480   90 sec.  144 MEG ♦♦♦

Universe #6Z
Mandelbrot Dive to 1.95E+112

2 years 10 months in the making, spread out on 4 systems running 24/7.
It isn't that much work for me, I just write the script, feed it to the computer(s),
and let them cruise. They like it!
Makes a nice night show in my main room while the images are rendering;
near the end they take 30 hours each.
And this is the last deep Mandelbrot dive I will ever do - time to move on to other things.
This is a dive to a final depth of 10^112.

AVI  640x480  4 min 45 sec
492 MEG ♦♦♦♦

Star Gate
Too bad Stanley Kubrick didn't have access to fractal
animation when he made "2001 Space Odyssey"
in 1968. But it is here now, so why is nobody using it
for movies and video games?

AVI   1024x768   1 min 40 sec.  161 MEG ♦♦♦

Julia Spiral 1S
This is the Julia set plotted around points centered around the main cardioid of the Mandelbrot set. Starting from the Real/Imag coordinate of -0.12/0.00, near the center of the big lake, and with an initial radius of 0.73, the points are plotted along the edge of the radius which is then near and around the complex features at the boundary. As the circle sweeps 360* in 0.25* increments, the radius is continuously decreased, 0.01 for each revolution. With 11 total revolutions, the radius decreases to a final value of 0.62. Thus the Julia is plotted along a decreasing tight spiral, rather than just a circle. And you see as the viddie progresses each revolution is slightly different from the previous, and more complex; nothing is ever repeated, even though it may look like it sometimes at the beginning. The Julia spiral "band" then covers most of the complex areas near the boundary, which give the best Julias.

WMV   640x480   4 min 24 sec.  77 MEG ♦♦

A morphing Julia with color cycling from a
formula by Jim Muth and Andrew Coppin.

AVI   800x600   63 sec.   94 MEG ♦♦♦

Alien Flower Bouquet
ZooM + color Cycling
Warning: These plants are psychoactive

AVI   1024x768   61 sec.   176 MEG ♦♦♦

Mandelbrot ZooM to E+20
with color cycling

Like the two above, a special one
for those ...... altered states

WMV  640x480  93 sec.  22 MEG ♦♦♦

AVI 640x480  93 sec.  160 MEG ♦♦♦

Mandelbrot of a different color
by Jim Muth

WMV   640x480   55 sec.   9.0 MEG

Fractal Planet
Fly over a fractal planet with fractal shorelines, land and ocean.
May cause brain-drain and eye-strain if watched on a computer monitor
but would be awesome projected on a large
wall at a party or club.

MPEG   640x480   45 MEG
2 minutes 30 seconds

Spirit Of Chaos
A strange fractal morph from a
formula by Jim Muth

AVI   1024x768   74 sec.   102 MEG ♦♦

This is the Julia Set, centered at Real/Imag = -0.75/0.00 on the Mandelbrot plane, varying the Julia exponent from -2.0 => +6.0.
The original Chrysalis viddie, so named because several sequences within it resembled a cocoon, or chrysalis, as the irregular shaped black inside Julia Set, which then suddenly exploded into a multi-colored "flock of butterflies", the Cantor Dust Julia, was quite nice - one of my favorites.
This new version uses Fractint's "inside=bof60" coloring algorithm. I'm not sure exactly what it is doing, but it is seriously cool.

New! Jan 2015: Redone and expanded - better!

AVI   1400x1050   112 sec.   366 MEG ♦♦♦

Space Bubbles
It's either a trip thru galactic space or a fantastic voyage thru a drop of pond water.

WMV   640x480   77 sec.   21 MEG

The classic way of rendering fractals is to iterate the coordinates of each pixel on the screne many times through the equation until it "escapes" from the complex plane or appears to be forever "trapped", determined by algorithm. If it is trapped it is part of the fractal set and is colored black. If it escapes it is then given a color based on the number of iterations it took. This iteration process graphs what is called an orbit, which can be circular, spiral, or any kind of shape. And the orbit of one pixel can cover a large part of the screne.

To make the BuddhaBrot, the orbits themselves are plotted on the screne, not the individual colored pixel. And wherever two orbits intersect, that pixel is incremented by color. (And this is done only for the ones that "escape"). The overlap of all these thousands of orbits then creates the fuzzy surrealistic "BuddhaBrot" image. And this can be done for any fractal, not just the Mandelbrot.

As iteration count increases, the length and time of the orbit(s) increase, thus creating more overlaps and more incremented pixels. Thus by varying the iteration and parameter count an interesting morphing-evolution effect is seen.

WMV   640x480   59 sec.   10.1 MEG ♦♦♦

You can download an extended and much higher resolution
(AVI format) version of Buddhabrot HERE.
90 MEG for 90 seconds


Here are the start and end images of an
RDS Mandelbrot zoom :

If you can see them correctly, it's cool cause the viddie
is much better resolution than the pics.

A short zoom from the parent Mandelbrot
to the North-tip mini-brot.

Try It !

AVI   640x480   12 sec.   23.9 MEG

HERE   is another one, better, longer, higher-rez; requires a little more "focus".
AVI   1024x768   91 sec.   213 MEG


A Strange Morphing Mandelbrot CreaTure

AVI   1024x768
55 sec.
95 MEG

A Menagerie of XenoMorphS

WMV   640x480
2 min 21 sec.
40.4 MEG

Keep Spiraling In ...

WMV   640x480
1 min 16 sec.
19.9 MEG

Jewel In The Blue
Find The Jewel In The Blue

WMV   640x480
1 min 40 sec.
27.9 MEG

Alien Brain
Journey into the Alien Brain

WMV   640x480
1 min 36 sec.
27.6 MEG

It starts out so pretty then
corruption enters the creation

AVI   1024x768
1 min 40 sec.
377 MEG

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